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Alison Meares Cohen

Advisory Board Member

Alison Meares Cohen is the Senior Director of Programs for WhyHunger, a New York-based global non-profit organization that mobilizes resources and supports grassroots organizations and allies in building powerful, strategic, and unified networks and alliances working at the root causes of hunger and poverty to build and strengthen social movements in the struggle for food sovereignty worldwide. Along with her colleagues at WhyHunger, she is a co-founder and serves on the Leadership Team of Closing the Hunger Gap, an emergent membership-based network of organizations and individuals across the United States working to expand hunger relief efforts beyond food distribution towards strategies that promote social justice and address the root causes of hunger.

Previously, Alison worked with Heifer International where she organized groups of small farmers throughout the Midwest and Northeast to build local, sustainable food systems where limited-resource families, communities and beginner farmers –both rural and urban -- have access to healthy food and income-earning opportunities.  Alison also served as the director of Heifer International's first urban agriculture program based in Chicago, Illinois for five years. Alison has a master's degree in Sociology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a bachelor’s degree in English and French literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  For the past twenty-five years she has worked with farming communities in West Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States.