Our Partners

Our partners are urban New York state based nonprofits and community based food justice groups.


Their missions focus on fighting poverty and improving healthy food access in cities such as Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers.


Benefits of partnership

Becoming a partner of Equity Advocates gives New York’s food access organizations and their leadership the opportunity to access programs that help build their capacity to do advocacy and join a community of organizations across the state working collectively to develop policy goals and create systemic change.



Access to programs and services

As a partner, you will have access to all of Equity Advocates’ programs and services, and to a network of mission-aligned organizations working to improve access to healthy, affordable food for all New Yorkers.

Coalition of Advocates

Beginning in 2020, partners will be joined together to create a formal coalition with a highly collaborative structure. The coalition will make decisions and develop action steps through two member-led committees:

1. The Policy Committee will inform the coalition’s policy priorities.

2. The Grassroots Committee will advises on the coalition’s grassroots advocacy and communication strategy.



Join us

Become a partner

To become one of Equity Advocates’ partner organizations and gain access to our services and programming, 501(c)(3) organizations pay a small annual fee. To ensure our services are accessible to organizations of all sizes and financial means, the service fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on the size of an organization’s annual budget.