Our Work

At Equity Advocates, we provide our partner organizations with everything they need to be powerful advocates.


Guidance and Strategy

To keep up with a constantly changing political landscape, we keep partners informed with sophisticated political analysis, ongoing advocacy training, long-term strategic thinking and frequent recommendations on actions they can take to help advance their missions.


Timely policy analysis and education
To advocate effectively, it’s vital to stay informed about changing food, nutrition, and economic policies on the state and federal level. At Equity Advocates, we’re constantly monitoring new developments and analyzing opportunities to influence key decisions. When you become a partner, we’ll provide all of the information you need to stay on top of these changes through weekly e-newsletters, in-depth webinars, policy memos, and strategic calls to action.

Updates on funding opportunities
We will identify and share relevant information about public and private grant funding opportunities for our partners.

Advocacy Training
Our advocacy curriculum is designed to give nonprofit leaders the knowledge, skills and capacity to advocate at the state and federal level. All our partners have access to trainings that include (but are not limited to):

  • Advocacy 101 training for nonprofit leaders and their staff;

  • Policy workshops to help partners understand state, city and federal political and budget processes;

  • Preparing partners to meet and effectively maintain relationships with elected officials, developing district-specific materials for the meeting and identifying collective asks and talking points;

  • Storytelling training to help partners effectively talk about the importance of their work and and their community’s needs;

  • Assistance developing and implementing short-term and long-term collective advocacy campaigns;

  • Learning how to create collective metrics and tools for evaluating advocacy impacts and outcomes;

  • Other personalized advocacy support as needed.


Relationship BUILDING

We work at a grassroots level to help our partners have a consistent and amplified voice in government.

To do so, partners will get instant access to a vibrant coalition of like-minded organizations. We also help organizations foster and maintain their own relationships with elected officials, keeping them connected and informed of the issues that matter most to their community.


Coalition Building
Organizations that become a partner organization of Equity Advocates benefit from the Coalition of Advocates – a collective of nonprofits dedicated to advancing a common policy agenda. The Coalition of Advocates is an active forum where partners work can together to share information and best advocacy practices. This is especially beneficial when more seasoned advocates are able to help those with less experience. By working together towards a common goal, we can build a more powerful and effective grassroots political movement.