Gabrielle Blavatsky

Co-founder | Policy Director

Gabrielle Blavatsky is a policy analyst with experience working on local, state, and federal nutrition, public health, and agriculture issues. As Equity Advocates’ co-founder and Policy Director, she is responsible for setting the organization's policy agenda and strategy, overseeing grasstops advocacy, operations and strategic legislative planning, and providing policy expertise that strengthens the grassroots and communication strategy.

For nearly a decade, Gabrielle has worked as a food policy analyst with New York based government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Most recently, she worked as a Senior Research and Policy Analyst for GRACE Communication Foundation’s food program, where she wrote about and researched food and agriculture issues, promoted program initiatives and contributed to strategy development and execution.

Before joining GRACE in 2014, Gabrielle was the Policy Associate at Wholesome Wave where she was responsible for organizing and managing five national conferences for the organization’s farmers’ market partners. Working directly with national farmers’ market organizations and advocacy groups, she oversaw Wholesome Wave’s successful grassroots campaign to fight cuts to the national SNAP program and establish the $100 Million Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program in the 2014 Farm Bill. Through this work, she managed many of the organization’s relationships with municipal and federal policy makers and developed all of the external and internal policy documents, reports and presentations.

While completing her master’s thesis, Gabrielle worked as a food policy intern in NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s office where she served as the head researcher for the Speaker’s landmark 2010 FoodWorks report. She holds a MPA in Public and NonProfit Management and Policy from New York University and BAs in Political Science and Sociology from University of California, Davis.