Our mission


Equity Advocates is working to ensure that all New Yorkers, regardless of race or income, can access and afford healthy food. We partner with food access nonprofits across New York and provide them with the tools they need to be more civically engaged, including policy education, advocacy training, and coalition building services. Through this work, we will help build a nonpartisan grassroots coalition of powerful advocates and leaders within the food movement.


Guidance and Strategy

In a constantly changing political landscape, we keep our partner organizations informed with sophisticated political analysis and funding opportunities, ongoing advocacy training, long-term strategic thinking, and frequent calls to action to advance their missions.

Relationship Building

We work at a grassroots level to help our partner organizations have a consistent and amplified voice in government. To do so, partners will get instant access to a vibrant coalition of like-minded organizations. We also help our partners foster and maintain relationships with elected officials, keeping them connected and informed of the issues that matter most to their community.


We partner with nonprofits and community-based organizations with a mission to improve access to healthy food, alleviate poverty and advance food justice in cities across the state of New York.